In 2015 i've been working on redesign of Smybox website. This unique project delivers beautiful photo box into your party and let people picture by themselves. I've been going through thousands of pictures to find the right ones for my design purpose. And during this journey i've found these unique ones where i've put my face into. Enjoy.

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We've build new Design System foundations for Albert retail brand. Main part of this project was website redesign but we are also working on research, user testing, communication, mobile applications and campaings.
IPTV Redesign
UX/UI Redesign of IPTV Service for one of the leading European Telco Operator.
Maxima Reality
UI & UX Website Design for Real estate company
O2TV Redesign
Redesigning the interface of one of the most widely used digital TV service in the country. Our work involved UX & UI, prototyping and user testing.
2FRESH Logo & Brand Study
Various studies of 2FRESH Logo & Brand Identity
KB – Komerční Banka
We connected with Komerční banka's internal design team and together we are working on the visual style and design of the system. Our goal is to unify the look and feel of all key products such as mobile banking, web, communication channels, the appearance of payment cards and brick-and-mortar branches.
We have designed and tested the basics of a medical information system that helps hospitals with patient records, medication distribution or work shifts. We have simplified the administrative burden on doctors, who have gained more time for their patients.
Prezident 21
Prezident 21 is an online voting game that shows in real time how the 2018 direct presidential election would have hit if citizens had the opportunity to nominate and vote for candidates with 3 positive and 1 negative vote.
Thanks to our collaboration with the development company Scalesoft, we are working on #uxui in the field of telemedicine and designing interfaces that will make it easier for doctors to monitor and evaluate patients' conditions remotely.
Identity, branding and product design for kids outerwear brand Wouki.
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